Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwisport Reflection

Kiwi Sport
WALT: Reflect on what we did during Kiwisport.
Today at Kiwisport we played dodgeball for our warm up. It wasn't very fun in the beginning because when you got out you had to move into the other team but then coach Allan said that we will start doing illumination. It was fun but I got out of the game in 2 minutes so I just stood there with my two friends Sene and Matthew. We were just watching to see if anyone was cheating. We caught a few people cheating but they just carried on playing the game. 

After warm up we moved on to our activity which was shotput but before we used the shot put ball we had to practice with a size 3 Soccer ball. After a few minutes we moved onto the actual ball but some of us had to partner with someone else because there wasn't enough balls to go around. We had a couple throws and then our coach called us in because it was time for the next class to come for their session. What I enjoyed was playing with the shot put ball because I was one of the farrest throwers in my class. What I didn't enjoy was dodgeball because we used soft balls for it and it kept curving when we throw the ball.

Newt week we are going to do long jump and standing jump. Standing jump is different to long jump. In standing jump you have to stand and jump forward you are not allowed to run and then jump and the length of how far jump is from your ankles not from your toes. In long jump you have to run and try jump your farrest. What I found challenging was trying to run because my legs are tired from friday because we had our athletics. What I didn't find challenging was throwing the shotput because it wasn't really heavy.
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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tapa Cloth

WALT: Reflect on what we drew for our trip to Te Tuhi.
This drawing was made by me for our trip to Te Tuhi. The first box represents my culture which is Tonga, the second box was to represent my favourite place which is church, the third box represents my family which is my parents, me and my four brothers, the last box represents my interest which is rugby union. What I enjoyed was drawing it because we haven't done any art at school for a while I don't even remember the last time we done art. The reason we did this was because we had to draw symbols that represents us and because we are going to the art gallery to learn more about the stories of the pacific. I can't wait to go see the other tapa cloths at the art gallery. What I found challenging was the flag because I added to much detail to it. What I didn't find challenging was my family because I just did stick figures.

🇹🇴Tonga Rugby League Team Lands In Auckland🇹🇴

Mate Ma'a Tonga

On Monday night on the 30th of October 2017 the Tongan Rugby league team landed i Auckland city New Zealand. People said that the airport of Auckland was like a red and white sea filled with Tongans coming to welcome the team to New Zealand. Tuimoala says that he feels more pride playing for Tonga then playing for Kiwis and he also said seeing all the fans come to the airport and show their support for the team means a lot to him. The Tonga team launched the tournament campaign on Sunday night, beating Scotland 50 - 4. Tonga's next game will be against Samoa in Hamilton on Sunday. The Tongan team also includes former Kiwi stars Manu Vatuvei, David Fusitua, Sika Manu and Jason Taumalolo. Jason Taumalolo switched allegiances two days before the teams were announced. Jason Taumalolo said this to his fans on Monday Night "to everyone who is supporting the Tongans, thankyou so much for making us feel at home". The Tongan team will be facing Kiwis in November also in Hamilton.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How Can I Be A Good Citizen?

How Can I Be A Good Citizen?
What I’ll be writing about is how can I be or become a good citizen? So it will be talking about what I can do to become a great citizen.

For me to become a good citizen I could help out in the community like help people carry their shopping to their car and helping elderly cross the road. For example I could help people that are struggling to carry their shopping into the car by taking some of their groceries for them and putting it into their car. For example if I see an elderly trying to cross the road and there is to many cars going past I could help walk across safely by guiding them.

If I want to become a good citizen I should always keep our community clean. For me to become a good citizen I should always respect the areas I am in. For example I could get are group of friends or family to help me clean the reserves or the parks around our community to keep everything clean and tidy or I can do it by myself by picking up rubbish the isn’t mine.

I can become a good citizen by respecting the laws consistently. In order for me to become a good citizen I should always respect the laws of the community and country. For example I should the right things around others and even when no one is around I can also help people to understand why we have laws in our country and why we need to follow them.

This pretty much sums up what I am talking about so yea. For me the become a good citizen I should help others in need, I should keep our community clean, I should always follow the laws or the country and help others to understand the meaning of the laws.

This task was given to us by our teacher Ms Komor. She gave us this task because she wanted us to practice what we will be doing for our writing test. The subject she gave us was How can I be a good citizen but we will have a different subject for our test. What I found challenging was trying to figure out ways of how I can become a good citizen. What I didn't find challenging was the introduction and the conclusion. Next time I'll try add more information to my writing so it's long and the reader could have a better understanding of what I am writing about.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Kiwi Sport

Kiwi Sport
WALT: Reflect on what we did for Kiwi Sport.
Today for Kiwi Sport we done Run, Jump Throw It was really fun. I thought it was gonna be boring because we already know how to run jump and throw but they made everything fun for us. I forgot names but next week I'll try and remember. What I really enjoyed about today was the game we played at the end I don't know what it was called but we had to pass the ball to the person at the end and someone has to try beat the ball to the person at the end. We learnt how to run faster one tip is to check to check which means one hand should be up to the check on your face and on to the one at your rear end and another tip is to run on your tippy toes it actually helps me run faster so if it can help me then it can help you. What I didn't enjoy was writing this reflection because I didn't really feel like writing a reflection. What I did enjoy was watching the videos. Here is a video to show you what we done for our last game.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


WALT: Reflect on what we done for maths.
Today for maths I went over my work from yesterday and I completed my work for today but today we didn't really have any maths problems to solve we just played with what's in the group basket. But today I was mostly looking over my work. What I found challenging was trying to figure out the last question which was Raj, Scott, and Samuel peeled Potatoes and got paid $2.50 to share between all three of them because it wasn't going to be an even number. What I didnt find challenging was question 1 because it asked me how much money would you get if you shared $1.00 between two people and the answer was 50 cents. Next time when I have spare time I might ask your teacher for more questions to by up the time I have left to do my work.

Technology Reflection

Technology Reflection
Today at technology I was working on my second design for our clocks my first clock is the Tongan coat of arms and my second design is a circle with polynesian patterns inside. I found my second design because I couldn't remember all the patterns that I learnt how to draw I don't know why I forgot the patterns. The design I like the most is my second one because I designed it myself I didn't copy from anything or anyone and my second design is the design I want to do because my first one I think it will be to hard to paint because there are a lot of small drawings in it. So what I found challenging was trying to remember the patterns and what I didn't find challenging was drawing the outline because it is only a circle. I haven't finished yet but I am up to half way of my project.